New Prosperity - Administration:
In the "Basic Service" and therefore all services, we provide an administration console for you, the "Primary User" that will allow you to set up "Sub Users" to access your Information.
This could be a trusted friend or relative or your Professional Adviser.

In addition to TIPS & HINTS you may wish to discuss a new Salary package, Novated Lease, or just set up a simple Salary sacrifice into your Super fund.

This person could help you better understand all aspects of your financial position. This service saves so much time for you when you need financial help as your financial situation is available to discuss with easy to present screens and financial summary reports. This is very helpful even if the help, is across town or across the country. With New Prosperity being in the cloud getting help is as close as a few clicks away. The access to your information is secure and all in your total control through the administration control panel, that only you have access too. 

New Prosperity - Permissions:

Of course you could print of relevent details from Summary pages and either fax or Email these to your trusted adviser / relative or friend. This is all totally in your control.
It is more secure to use New Prosperity adminstration as sending emails and faxes means your financial information can be seen by other people. Using these methods means a loss of control over who sees your private information once it leaves your sent box or fax machine !