Basic Service

BASIC SERVICE - comprises of the following featured services:

  • Calculates your “Household Earnings after Living and Tax”
  • Record all of your Assets
  • Record all Liabilities in 5 different categories
  • List all of your Household expenses
  • Monitor your tax position through out the financial year.
  • Summarised reports for Income - (client, partner & family)
  • Summarised reports for Expenses - (client, partner & family)
  • Summarised reports for Assets  - (client, partner & family)
  • Summarised reports for Liabilities  - (client, partner & family)
  • Keep track of your Business Plan

the basic service is extremely helpful in collating and getting organised to do your personal tax returns. Whether you work with an accountant or complete your tax return using the tax pack. New Prosperity will provide easy access to all of your financial information for both you and your partner.

Most of all NEW PROSPERITY will empower you to take control of your financial future as described in the featured articles on the Home page.


  • Create different financial scenarios, salary packages,
  • Calculate affordability with interest rate modeling
  • Calculate the affordability of any financial item
  • Look at impact of Capital Gains tax on the sale of an asset for you
  • Help you understand you true Networth

          ……. and many more uses once all your financial information is entered.

For $89.00 per year per household (2 individuals) it is less than half a cappuccino coffee per week !