Bill Reminder (feature)
Bill Reminder:
Here is a simple example of how New Prosperity can empower you to manage all your regular household spending:
Including expenses from:
  • Superannuation pages
  • Life Insurance pages
  • Children Education
Combine this with the ability to access this page from any IPhone, or smart phone, actually any way you can acess the Web you can access your Bill reminder from any where in the world.
So if you find it hard to manage & co ordinate household expenditure between you and your partner, what better way to have the Bill reminder alert you or your partner to bIlls coming up in the weeks and months ahead. The whole year is viewable all the time. 

If you spend time away from your home, with shift work, travelling interstate or overseas,for days or weeks at a time, what a great way to stay in touch with the household Bills and still help out with the management of the home.