Bronze Service

BRONZE SERVICEincludes one of the “New Prosperity” features, plus all of the services outlined in the “Basic Service”: 

NB: ....... See Silver Service for Summary for the BILL REMINDR - features 

Mortgage Calculator - feature

  • Calculates your “Household Earnings after Living and Tax”
  • Compare “HEAL n'T” against affordability of extra loan payments
  • Receives feed from Debt pages for all loans
  • Graphs / Chart – Interest, payments, and principle reduction
  • Helps you understand the interest cost of your credit cards
  • Represents the total term in Years & Months of each loan
  • Easily calculate the total interest cost on all loans for you and your partner
  • Summarised reports for all financial pages
  • Keep track of your Business Loans   (Sole trader)

The Mortgage Calculator is much more than an online calculator it is fed from the debt pages, all loans you and your partner have. Whether held jointly or individually.

The MC is extremely helpful in taking control of the interest you pay on all loans. It is a powerful tool to minimize the amount of interest you payout each year.


This is part of the Mortgage Calculator, you can build scenarios for each loanyou have, altering the interest rate or payments. Create up to 6 different scenarios for the one loan and then compare total interest cost against your affordability to service the Loan.

This is the most powerful aspect of the MC and will put you in total control of your loans and inform you how to repay your loans in the most efficient manner, saving thousands in interest cost.

PRINT MC – page

Mortgage Calculator page is printable to your printer; this is for your convenience for discussion with your loan provider. Or you can use the Administrator section of New Prosperity Service to give permission to a trusted adviser to look at your results while you are on the phone with them. Perfect for trusted friends / advisers that are difficult for you to meet with across town or across the world !


This is part of the MC, it is a separate calculator where you can model various loans you maybe contemplating:

  • Looking at new investment property loan
  • Calculate the interest component of a new car loan
  • Calculate interest on a car loan
  • Print the loan schedule for discussing with your Loan Provider
  • Employer loans as part of package

 ……. and many more uses once all your financial information is inputted.

“New Prosperity” Mortgage Calculator will empower you to take control of your loans and Micro manage the interest you pay on all loans, so you have the best chance of paying the least amount of interest on all loans. 


For $129.00 per year per household (2 individuals) it is less than one cappuccino coffee per week for a full year of service !