Compulsive Spending

Marriage’s number 1 silent killer;

Impairment in relationships may occur as a result of excessive spending and efforts to cover up debt or purchases. Persons who engage in compulsive shopping or spending may become pre-occupied with that behaviour and spend less and less time with important people in their lives. People experience anxiety or depression as a result of the spending or shopping which can interfere with work or school performance.


Financial problems may occur if money is borrowed or there is excessive use of credit to make purchases. Often the extent of the financial damage is discovered only after the shopper or spender has accumulated a large debt that necessitates a drastic change in lifestyle to resolve.


Prevention is cure:

Our motto of “Prevention is cure” is applied to every aspect of the software, for we believe that monitoring your income & expenses “together”could bring about the transparency in a relationship which has been lacking. New Prosperity could break or even prevent the deteriorating cycle of compulsive spending, or irrational attitude to financial matters.

Having “Your Financial Home” mapped out in front of you will help alleviate any future stress as New Prosperity forecast your Homes financial position at End of the tax year. All Financial information is summarised in easy to read reports accessible and printable from any where in the world if required.      

Inputting your personal information will take a little time but using the financial pages is very user friendly all set up with consistency of looks across all pages.

Once information is complete you will be empowered with the ability to examine cash flows for your HOME. These can be printed or investigated by your professional adviser through the New Prosperity administration service which totally empowers you the USER to engage third party help if needed.

Implementing our service will give clear summary reports that can be interpreted with easy to read sets of figures that all parties involved can understand and participate in resolving any financial feuds in the family.  


You can reframe your thinking by viewing the summary reports, they will help your family inoculate against constant arguing and suspicion. Your vows and commitment alluded to “in sickness and in health” for the rest of your life, so why not let New Prosperity assist you in “healthy financial hygiene” rather than ongoing “damage control” ......... ponder on it ......... your marriage is worth it!