Frugal Relationships

A Frugal Relationship:


You can learn to be frugal without being cheap!


Have you ever noticed how frugality is often confused with being cheap? Isn’t it a shame that those who choose to live frugally are sometimes accused of being selfish and stingy? 

Just like Compulsive Spending this trait can create serious disruptions and pain in your relationship.  We would like to tell you that there is no need to be stingy and instead you can shift the paradigm and redefine yourself or partner as FRUGAL.

Being frugal means making smart spending choices. Let’s say that for your partner’s birthday, you give her a book. You paid only 50 cents for the book at a yard sale, but it was in like-new condition and it is by an author your partner loves. Some would say that it is cheap to only spend 50 cents for a gift, but if it’s something you know the recipient will love, why does it matter how much you spend? Why spend more on a gift if you could get something the person would enjoy just as much for a lot less? This kind of gift giving is not being cheap; it’s just good money management.

Frugality is showing you care without spending a lot of money. Let's say it is Father’s Day. Instead of buying a gift and greeting card, you use your time and creative talents to make something special for your husband. The gift doesn’t actually cost you much except your time and a few supplies you already had on hand. Some people might think this is being cheap because you didn’t buy your husband anything. However, the frugal person knows that giving of her time and talent is much more valuable than spending a lot of money without giving it much thought.

Frugalty is both a healthy and wise choice – the old adage says that when it comes to a gift, it is:

“the thought that counts”

and when it comes to money and relationships, we can confirm the same adage stands true. 


New Prosperity can help tremendously, as it will articulate and calculate the household after tax position. It is this result that can empower you and your partner to better understand your financial position at years end. Therefore financial unknowns about your finances will no longer be an issue. The easy to read summary pages consolidate all financial information where informed decisions can be made about any expenditure whether it is frugal or NOT !