My Expenses

New Prosperity collects, collates and then calculates your expenses for you and your partner, including jointly owned ones. Expenses can be recorded in 11 different living expense categories plus an additional 4 categories for general purpose usage, covering Investment Properties, Managed Funds, Net medical costs etc etc. 
All Expenses when collected will be presented with the following features:
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Expense will be calculated for full tax year
  • Year to date calculation
  • Frequency
  • Free to personalise & label as you wish
  • Assign owner ship of all expenses 
The Basic Service includes the following reports
EXPENSES & TAX:  Any expense can have up to 100% deductible amount assigned to it for each client, partner and Jointly owned expenses. 
A very important part of your family’s yearly expenses is:
  • Medicare
  • Medicare levy Surcharge
  • Net Tax
  • Net medical Expenses   (rebate) 
These are all calculated and reported on in the Basic Service.
INCOME & EXPENSE CHARTS:  This report collates all of your Income and Expenses into one easy to read colour coded bar & pie charts representing all Income and Expenses month by Month.   
SUMMARISED EXPENSE REPORTS: from all categories of all pages New Prosperity reports on your expenses into one simple and easy to read table. The Expense Summary can be produced for client, partner, Joint and All.
This is a fantastic feature for itemising and articulating expenses to discover who owns which expenses and to help a great deal in seeking the clarity in understanding where money is spent.    
BILL REMINDER: All expense are fed to the Bill reminder when this feature is chosen in addition to the Basic Servcie
BUDGET PLANNER: All expense are fed to the Budget Planner when this feature is chosen in addition to the basic service.
New Prosperity: service empowers you to manage all of your family expenses, from home together or from anywhere in the world with internet access.
Fantastic for busy families who just don’t find the time to discuss family finances while at home. New Prosperity can be utilised whilst you have other time periods throughout your hectic days or evenings when you are not so busy with home duties.
Then when you are at home, discussion can take place centered on the easy to read calculated summarised reports giving a clear understanding of your family’s current financial position.
Once all information is inputted, as mentioned above the discussion can be about planning your future wealth aspirations, this is when New Prosperity becomes empowering to you. At this time you can model scenarios, look at the impact of increasing or fine tuning expenditure to create wealth & prosperity.
A simple one is investigating the impact on your household cashflowwith respect to  buying a new investment in the current economic environment! Or anylising the impact of different education costs for your children private schooling, assessing affordability from the perspective of your families after tax position. (cashflow)