My Income

Personal exertion Income, (wages) where does it go. It is required to fulfill our every material need from our parents requiring an income, when we were babies, to when we go off into the big wide world as young adults fending for ourselves.


1 / As we grow up through our teens we learn the best way we can how to manage money, whilst we are receiving an education, then at some stage we are off out into the big wide world looking for work and earning our own money paying taxes and having fun. 

2 / Income becomes more important as you get older, saving for a car, home, then usually leading to marriage and children. With this comes enormous responsibility and commitments to manage the home finances.

3 / At retirement, most people hopefully can maintain their standard of living as they finish work and rely on being self funded or in part with government pension as a source of income to live on in retirement.

Over this whole period of 70 odd years, many families are left to administer their own money the best way they can, taking on debt at all stages of life, spending 60 to 70%% of money earned on tax and loan interest, leaving 30 to 40% to feed your family, pay the bills and to create wealth with. 

This is a balancing act many business's would not attempt with out proper feasabilty studies, cashflow analysis, balance sheet analysis, testing the market for their product, yet most individuals manage their whole life on a basis of it will be alright, working day in day out with out any real analysis of their ability to create wealth in real terms.  

With twenty to thirty years of credit boom we are a culture of spenders and do not pay enough attention to saving or being prudent with our surplus funds. One reason for this, is people have little time to dedicate to managing the household bills let alone the future path of where the families wealth is headed.   

Over a persons working career, much of ones income is not managed very well nor given the attention it deserves with respect to managing it efficiently. Australians have a very big problem with not having enough disposable income to last more than a month or so. People do not pay attention to where all of their income goes and you might be one of these but it is hard, to discover your Household Earnings After Living & Tax , "HEALnT"  for you and your partner. 

New Prosperity has been purpose built to empower you to understand all your family’s finances, from many different aspects. 

All reports articulate client, partner and joint ownership with respect to:

  • After taxposition
  • Summarised reports for Assets & Liabilities
  • Summarised reports for expenditure
  • Summarised reports for your gross taxable income
  • Mortgage management feature to discover how best to manage all your personal debt
  • Bill reminder feature to keep on top of expenditure habits
  • Budget feature where you can look at expenditure in table and chart format

All reports and screens are very user friendly and easy to read. We have taken all of the complex accounting terminology out of the figures.

By subscribing to New Prosperity you will get a very comfortable feel of where you are headed financially, being empowered to investigate the impact of all financial decisions for your home before you commit to any such decision. Pressure testing your household surplus, before a financial commitment, is made. Making financial decisions in this manner allows you to be more informed about the long term risk to your families wealth. 


1 / Once your information is set up in New Prosperity, you can run scenarios and discover the impact on your Household cashflow, with respect to any personal proposed financial decision. 

2 / New Prosperity is based on the current financial year so all your scenarios are looking at the forecast tax position and cashflow perspective in the current financial year. New Prosperity will forecast, your end of year financial position, for each scenario.