Net Worth

How to calculate personal Networth for the average Australian is fairly difficult, it can be very difficult for a skilled accountant at times depending on the complexity of the individual assets.

Our New Prosperity service empowers you to manage your Networth being sensitive to purchase and sell dates with the financial year to 30th June. 

The “New Prosperity” services extends to establishing the net worth of your household. This is the very reason we all work to improve our net worth year on year. Unless your absolute net worth position is improving year on year all the hard work can amount to nothing at the end of a long working career. Your hard work should be manifesting itself as an increase in your Net wealth position. The value of all your assets less your liabilities, need to be increasing ahead of the rate of inflation CPI

Your real wealth in absolute terms is not increasing unless it is increasing more than the CPI expressed to all Australians by the head of the Reserve Bank of Australia each month. The reason it must be the case is that inflation (CPI) erodes the purchasing power of our money.

Below we have itemised a few assets and liabilities “New Prosperity” collates in order to calculate your Networth 

ASSETS – held jointly or on a personal basis:

  • Your Home
  • Term Deposits
  • Investment portfolio’s
  • Managed funds
  • Superannuation
  • Life Insurance 

LIABILITIES – held jointly or on a personal basis:

  • Home Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • HECS debts
  • Car Loans
  • Margin Loan 

These are just a few examples of the Assets and Liabilities that your household may own.

New Prosperity then articulates ownership and the value of all assets and liabilities you have inputted for your Household. Calculates the Networth for each individual and compiles the individuals Networth to a combined networth for the Household. 


Once all information is inputted, this is when New Prosperity becomes empowering to you. At this time you can model scenarios, look at impacts of investment strategies. 

A simple one is investigating the tax benefits of dollar cost averaging into an investment account for the purpose of a particular goal or objective in mind. The amount contributed could be benchmarked against your Annual surplus each year, ensuring the contribution is affordable. Investigating the impact of long term asset building is important with respect to your wealth building aspirations for you and your family.