Silver service

SILVER SERVICEincludes two of the “New Prosperity” features, plus all of the services outlined in the “Basic Service”:

NB: ....... See Bronze Service for Summary of the MORTGAGE CALCULATOR - features


  • View all Annual Expenses all of the time
  • Sort & Filter on Expenses due on the next  1 – 30 days ... then print / Email
  • Sort & Filter on any month in the year ………………………… then print / Email
  • All due Expenses are colour coded
  • Amber for next 7 Days of Due expenses
  • Red for Bills past the Due date
  • Sort & Filter Bills by Ownership, ………………………………….. client, partner or joint

The Bill Reminder page is fed your expenses from every page that will have a Start date for an expenses and a frequency.


  •  Personal Super contributions
  •  Life Insurance Payments from your Super fund ? 


One of the great features of the Bill Reminder is you can check box any Expense and have it automatically set up in an Email and you can Email your partner with Bills to be paid.

Once in your in Box you can place another reminder on the Email to POP UP when needed. This is great for shift workers or partners who travel. 

BILL REMINDER – Print page

The Bill reminder page is printable to your printer, this is for your convenience.

  • All Expenses that have a start date applied will display
  • You could then keep in a folder at work
  • Place on the fridge
  • If you manage your parents / children affairs it can be your reminder for their Bills.

BILL REMINDER – tracking

  • All Expense financial entries can be monitored
  • represents Bills 3 months in advance
  • keeps reminding Bills upto one month in past
  • inclusinve of colour coding of time

This is great for keeping track of Bills or any expense (life cover inside super) over a 4 month period

Notes can be set in the categories of financial pages to help manage Bills / expenses if required.

                       ……. and many more uses once all your financial information is inputted.

“New Prosperity” Bill Reminder will empower you to take control of your expenses and manage them in a more efficient manner, relieving stress and alleviating many late feepayments !


For $169.00 per year per household (2 individuals) it is around one cappuccino per week for a full year of service !