Superannuation is an important personal Asset that needs attention throughout your working career. It is an excellent tax concession that our government provides and is available to all Australians. Your super starts with your first day of work through to your last day with your family. Your "superannuation" is with you all the way, yet many people ignore it until near retirement. New Prosperity empowers you to take control of your super and become a little more in tune with understanding how to manage your super account more efficiently.

Many people have several Super accounts, as a consequence of changing jobs in this modern & mobile workforce we are changing jobs a lot more often than our parents did. This maybe great for your career but can leave a build up of Super accounts all over place !

New Prosperity allows you to input details for your Super accounts in several categories:

  • Personal Super
  • Employer Super
  • Allocated Pensions
  • Super Pensions
  • Self Managed Super Fund

Having some where to record all of your different super accounts is a step in the right direction. As correspondence is received you can record the membership numbers, where the super account is held and place start dates on all records. The current value of each account in either your name or your partners name. Using the help Menu New Prosperity will suggest calling your super accounts customer service department and ask some questions about how much life insurance & TPD cover your super account has. This information can then be recorded in your Life Insurance pages.

New Prosperity service empowers you to manage all of your Super accounts, or help you consolidate them all and reduce fees and ensure your level of Life Insurance from each fund is costing you a minimal amount.

The “New Prosperity” services extends to establishing the total value of all of your Super accounts for you and your partner.


Once all information is inputted, this is when New Prosperity becomes empowering to you. At this time you can model scenarios, look at the impact of consolidating your Super accounts and various strategies to take advantage of the governments many generous tax concessions and rebates.

A simple strategy with New Prosperity service, is to look at the benefit of "Salary sacrificing" from an after tax perspective, then bench marking this against your Household Earnings After Living and Tax, "HEALnT" , to ensure it is affordable strategy. Managing your "Superannuation" is an extremely important, with respect to your wealth building aspirations for you and your family.